1. This is the most vast category of consumers, where consumers having single phase, three phase connections depending upon load; moreover above 15kWp/ 3 Phase falls under TIME OF DAY (TOD) in the utility bill.
  2. The analysis of utility bill according to consumer category and further time zone is necessary while proposing solar power generation system.
  3. The electricity bills of this category customers can be brought down nearer to “ZERO”, wherein in case of TOD consumers only particular time zonesenjoy the benefits.
  4. Poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline solar modules are advisable with suitable range of power conditioning unit in principle with net metering policy.

Commercial Projects –

CA’s Office

opposite Poonam Chambers (10 KW)


Foods Farm Itarsi
(40 KW)


Club,Nagpur (120 KW)

Nagpur Parsi Panchayet

Gandhisagar (14 KW)

Chamundi Explosives

Bazargoan, Amravati road. (80 KW)

Kubde Hospital

Hospital (17 KW)