1. This category of consumers are are high energy consumers fall under LT and HT Types with connected load capacity from 11 kVa and 33 kVa with our without express feeder from utilities.
  2. The solar power generation system is most ideal for such consumers with variety of options; viz. net metering, day burning application, power synchronisation with grid, DG or any other power generation source. Suitable system to be proposed with very high technical and analytical skills.
  3. The analysis of the utility bill along the power consumption needs is strategically calculated as these consumers are entitled for lots of government promotionalsubsidieswith respect to energy charges depending upon the region and billing unit.
  4. Mono-crystalline and mono-perc solar modules with desired power conditioning unit and suitable power management systems are highly recommended.
  5. The power management system can be proposed which can sink DG’s along with solar power plant.

Industrial Projects –

Aanadwan, Warora

(Solar Thermal Concentrator System)

Central Provinces

Club, Nagpur
(114 Kw)

Airforce Maintainance

Command (200 KW solar power plant with DG ‘synchronisation)