About Us

Advantage Urjalaya – We are established since 2012 and exclusively working on captive power generation system, we have initiated our operations from Nagpur and extended ourselves to central India now. We mostly focus on the patron who took the decision on the basis of technology and economics. We are having a dedicated office, warehouse and workshop for independent workflows and provide services like consultancy, design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning along with undertaking annual maintenance contracts for power generation system. Technology selection, design optimization, power management system is our forte. Complimenting this we’ve fully trained engineering team on solar energy, fabrication team installing superstructure with ease of maintenance and well-equipped back-end team to monitor and maintain establishments.

Specialized in captive and rooftop solar power plants – The Company has a strategic focus on captive and rooftop market where customer savings are substantially higher compared to grid-connected power plants selling power to state utilities. We have developed techniques that have helped us to penetrate captive and rooftop solar power applications such as banks, petrol pumps, hospitals, educations institutes and industries.

Exceptional expertise in supply chain & quality assessment for solar power domain –  Materials comprise 85% of total cost of a solar power plant and the quality of material will determine long-term performance of the plant; advantages are as follows:

o Urjalaya does a thorough review of suppliers and established quality practices for all the major equipment’s required for the solar power plant.
o Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing practices helps us to identify quality suppliers across the world.
o We also review the financial strength of the vendor, to avert the risk of proper service over the years as many solar companies are in a financial mess.
o Our supplier selection is based on the quality of product, cost-benefit and risk analysis.
o The team has inspected numerous suppliers across the world.
o Our intensive selection process allows us to offer high-quality components to our clients